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Waco women’s health is a topic we care about.  We offer specialized care to help keep you feeling your best. There are many areas in which a women may need extra care. We offer services in physical therapy, pelvic floor therapy, nutrition, counseling and fitness. Within each specialty, we offer different care techniques and services to meet your needs.

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Our Waco Women’s Health Services

Pelvic Floor Therapy: We use fascial mobilization, trigger point dry needling, exercises, and coordination training to help with pregnancy and postpartum, urinary and fecal conditions, pain disorders, pelvic heaviness/pressure, endometriosis, dyspareunia, and symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse.

Registered Dietitian: Work with our registered dietitian to help you with pregnancy nutrition, maternal health, improve PCOS symptoms, gestational diabetes, eating disorders, sports performance, weight loss and intuitive eating.

Counseling: People seek counseling for a variety of reasons. Physical pain, relationship distress, anxiety, life changes, trauma, panic disorders, PTSD, and depression are just a few of the very common issues that bring people into therapy. We offer cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR therapy, and traditional talk therapy.

Physical Therapy & Fitness:  Physical Therapists are the movement experts. Not only can we provide manipulations, myofascial interventions (commonly known as massage), and personalized exercise plans; we can also analyze your movement to optimize your function and prevent re-injury so you can live the lifestyle you desire. We also offer personal training & pilates to help transition you back to optimal health. Our team will work together to create a plan specifically for you.

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