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What does Wellness mean to you?

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Wellness is the latest buzzword for quality of life and healthcare. Magazine covers at the checkout stand repeat the phrase over and over. Yet when I told people I was opening a wellness center, I quickly learned that “wellness” means something different to everyone. As a result, no one had a clue what I would be doing.

So let’s start from the beginning. Despite laid back parents, I have always been hyper-focused on the grades, jobs and achievements designed to bring me to the next logical stepping stone in life. I constantly pressured myself over things big and small, leading to a few emotional challenges. Despite doing everything right according to a 21st century ethos, I woke up early this year immersed in the search for the perfect career, slowly losing who I was. I gained weight, rarely made time for hobbies, and ran from one event to the next. My daily Dr. Pepper was a caffeine crutch necessary to just get through the day. My husband and I made time for trips that should have recharged and refreshed. But as soon as vacation week was over I returned to my checklist life, never creating a real, sustainable balance. The sad fact was I saw no problem with my hectic lifestyle, as it was the norm in our world.

We are given one body to carry us through life. Most of us grow up being told our body is a temple and to cherish it, but somehow taking care of ourselves becomes our last priority. Your daily to-do list probably includes work, family, cleaning and picking up dinner. At the bottom of that list, undone, is taking care of yourself.

This realization brought me to Compleo Physical Therapy & Wellness. Compleo is the Latin word for “whole” or “complete.” We don’t get to completeness without a multi-disciplinary approach. While optimal wellness looks different for everyone, there are some key tenants that we all should incorporate. Those are: nutrition (Refuel), physical therapy (Rebuild), physical fitness (Refresh), and mental health (Reflect).

These services form the core of Compleo Physical Therapy & Wellness. We want to help you discover a balance and a quality of life that allows you to treat your body as a temple and not as that thing you will get to if you have time.

Feel free to share below what wellness means to you!

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