Tips for Optimizing Your Telehealth Physical Therapy Session

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As our community continues to adapt to the COVID-19 epidemic, Compleo has started offering virtual visits to patients who need to or prefer to stay at home. We understand that each person’s home is unique and may pose different challenges to an at home session, so we put together a list of some of the most important considerations and equipment (using common household items) to make your session go as smoothly as possible. 


The best location for an at home PT session is in a room that has enough floor space for you to move around easily. It is also ideal to have a surface to sit or lay down on.

It is also beneficial to have a device that you can reposition and move around easily. Throughout the session we may need to have different views of your body to assess it properly. 


Basics for each session:

  • Laptop/Phone/Computer with video and audio capabilities, with access to the internet 
  • Water bottle
  • Large Towel
  • Chair (something smaller and portable like a kitchen chair or folding chair is best)
  • Bed, table, or floor you can lay on

Other items to have handy: 

  • Strap – dog leash, long towel, or belt
  • Small ball – tennis ball, lacrosse ball, racquetball
  • Weights/resistance – full gallon of milk/juice, cans, hand weights, ankle weights
  • Stepping stool, steps, stairs (indoor or outdoor)
  • Dowel rod or broom (essentially any long pole that is light and easy to lift)

Compleo has also created a telehealth questionnaire for patients to fill out that will be emailed prior to their session. This will help your therapist plan interventions based on your feedback so your session is as productive as possible.

While it may take a little innovation and patience, achieving a productive and beneficial telehealth PT appointment is absolutely possible. If you have questions about whether telehealth is right for you or your condition, feel free to give us a call at 254-265-6766!

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