Willem Baas
Willem Baas
16:46 14 Feb 18
TL;DR: Bro science = stupid and wrong, Amber = smart and right. Go see Amber at Compleo if you are serious about fitness and healthy eating. Also, Kelsey will show you where your own body is holding you back on lifts and teach you how to strengthen and correct. You won't believe it but it works. Long version: I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on fitness and nutrition; and was super skeptical of Amber--I mean, we all eat clean right?. I was especially disappointed when she told me I need to dial back my protein consumption and eat more fruits/veggies instead. I had been following the old rule of 1g protein/ 1 lb bodyweight. I decided I would execute per Amber's instructions for 1 month and give it a try. Well, it has been a month and I got my Bod Pod results back... according to science, I gained muscle and lost fat compared to pre-Amber consultation. My workout has not changed. She was proven correct. Go. See. Amber.
Kaitlyn Skinner
Kaitlyn Skinner
00:26 02 Apr 18
Kelsey is great - she has really helped me with my upper back pain!
Rachel Solano
Rachel Solano
17:59 04 Dec 17
The staff is so knowledgeable and eager to help. They make their customers feel welcome and comfortable. Compleo is a great resource for those seeking guidance and support in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Brigette Zink
Brigette Zink
22:56 18 Jan 18
I learned alot from Kelsey, she was very professional and she provided me with the knowledge and tools to get better and prevent pain. She always took the time to address each issue I had and was very diligent. She is great!
Randy Stevens
Randy Stevens
08:45 18 Oct 17
Attended an excellent Tai Chi class here, but there is a lot going on here and the facilities can accommodate all the healthy activities available.
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  • 5 star review  I loved Michele’s aerobics class! She moved at the perfect pace for me and knew what was best for everybody in the room. She wasn’t afraid to adapt on the fly and made sure every exercising was done right. I feel like I got a great workout from a knowledgeable fitness expert!

    thumb Kendall Howen

    5 star review  I am so glad I found Compleo and wish I had found it sooner. We were able to do a free screening to see if further evaluation/treatment was recommended. After that, my son saw Kelsey for physical therapy. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient in working with a 3 year old who has his own ideas about what he wants to do. I learned so much from being able to watch and talk with her during the therapy sessions. I highly recommend Compleo!

    thumb Katie Faver

    5 star review  Kelsey and her team go above and beyond taking care of their patients and customers. Customer care and making everyone feel welcome is a priority and they do it well.

    thumb Sue Leonard

    5 star review  My 17 year old is a runner with just slight scoliosis. She has helped him out so much! He didn't realize he was compensating so much and having pain. He has no pain now and she taught him how to stay that way. Excellent in PT AND education....even teenagers!

    thumb Amy Dirkse

    5 star review  We love the Mommy & Me fitness class! Kelsey is so friendly and knowledgeable.

    thumb Rachel Elaine Braugh

    5 star review  I take a Tai Chi class weekly at Compleo, and it has changed my life! The instructor is wonderful and I walk out feeling so relaxed and complete. I urge everyone to give them a try.

    thumb Kay Kocian Sheehy

    I like the assortment of toys and balls available to play with. 😀Not kidding.

    thumb Warren Baas