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How to Interview a Potential Therapist

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Okay, you’ve decided it’s time to get your child some extra help, we’re so proud of you for taking that step! Now, the next step is choosing a clinic which might seem daunting! Please know you have a choice! Often a doctor faxes a script to a clinic for you but you are allowed to go wherever you feel most comfortable. …

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Tips & Tricks to Make Tummy Time a Success

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Did you know that babies are not spending enough time on their stomachs? This is contributing to a rise in delay in mobility, plagiocephaly (change in head shape), and torticollis (preference to tilt head and look to only one side), and can affect both gross motor and fine motor development. While we recommend sleeping flat on the back in a …

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Wait . . . Doesn’t Insurance Pay for That?

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One of the most frequently asked questions since announcing my clinic concept has been: why don’t you accept insurance? Deciding not to accept insurance came with a lot of thought. It was not meant to be a political statement or to make life easier on our staff. I frequently reflect on my time spent as a physical therapy tech before …