Kiinde Twist Pouch Breast Milk Storage Bag Feeding System Starter Kit



  • DIRECT & GERM-FREE PUMP-TO-BAG SYSTEM: The Kiinde Breast Milk Storage System allows you to collect, store, prepare, and feed using a single disposable breast milk storage bag. You won’t need to worry about contaminating your breast milk supply when you can use the same milk storage pouch to feed your baby. The system eliminates the risk of spills when transferring milk and provides the convenience of no dirty bottles to wash.
  • PUMP & NIPPLE ADAPTERS INCLUDED: We’ve included adapters that fit every major pump brand, allowing you to pump directly into Twist Pouches. It’s a pain to transfer valuable milk from bottles to storage bags and back again. That’s why the Kiinde system streamlines the process. We also understand that babies can be particular about the nipples on their bottles, so you can also use the adapters to experiment with different nipple shapes and sizes.
  • TWIST POUCHES FOR CONVENIENCE: Breast milk collection has never been easier! While most breast milk storage containers use flimsy zipper seals, Kiinde Twist Pouches use a sturdy twist top. Our pre-sterilized and BPA-free Twist Pouches provide the ultimate protection for your liquid gold. They’re leak-proof, freezer-proof, and made with food grade materials. You can also store baby food in them as your child grows.
  • BOTTLES WITH NATURAL NIPPLE DESIGN: Kiinde Active Latch nipples require suction and massaging to get milk to flow, just like with Mom! They are designed to train Baby for a seamless transition between bottle and breast. Twist Pouches collapse as your baby drinks, eliminating the need for complicated venting mechanisms. No air in the pouch means no air in your baby’s meal.
  • GREAT BABY SHOWER GIFT: This Kiinde Twist Breast Milk Storage and Feeding System Starter Kit contains everything expecting parents will need to get started pumping, storing, and feeding breast milk with Kiinde. The Foodii System (sold separately) allows mothers and fathers to use the Twist Pouches for pureed food as well, allowing the system to grow with Baby, through the toddler years.