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Healthy Choices at Restaurants

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Everyone’s specific nutritional needs are different, but all follow the general pattern of adequacy, balance, and variety. This is how I define “healthy choices” and “healthy diet”- by ensuring the diet provides adequate calories, is balanced among the food groups, and incorporates a wide variety of foods. This is the easiest way to ensure all nutrient needs are being met on a daily basis. 

With this definition of “healthy” in mind, we can make choices that contribute to a healthy diet when eating out. When eating at restaurants, I like to focus on the principle of balance. Balanced plates include a grain/starch option, a protein option, and a fruit/ vegetable option.

  • Grain/ starch ideas- rice, pasta, corn, potatoes, oats, bread, etc. 
  • Protein ideas- chicken, steak, pork, beans, tofu, nuts, nut butters, etc.
  • Fruit/ vegetables- apples, berries, bananas, green beans, asparagus, carrots, salad greens, etc.  

This framework can be used at any restaurant! Included below are some examples of popular places in Waco.








Real-life examples:

  • Chick-fil-a breakfast- chicken minis (bread = grain/ starch) (chicken = protein) + a fruit cup (fruit/ vegetable) 
  • Panera lunch- Pick 2 menu option of sandwich (bread = grain/ starch) (meat = protein) + salad (fruit/ vegetable) 
  • Chipotle dinner- rice bowl with carnitas + pico de gallo + guacamole (rice = grain/ starch) (carnitas = protein) (pico de gallo and guacamole = fruit/ vegetable) 



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Written by: Courtney Anderson, MS, RD, LD, CLC

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