Healthcare Services

At Compleo Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC we are a 100% cash based clinic. This allows us to provide one on one care 100% of the time.
We strongly believe in providing the care that is best for each patient, not the care that will get us the most reimbursed units. When accepting insurance, we are unfortunately providing care based on what a third party deems appropriate; not what is actually best for each patient.
Every person is different and every person deserves an individualized plan, not a cookie cutter protocol approach. One on one treatment leads to quicker and improved outcomes.

We do provide an invoice at the end of your sessions to allow for submission to insurance as an out of network service. You can additionally utilize flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts for the majority of our services, depending on the restrictions on your plan.

Fitness Classes

Drop In Class


Per Class

5 Class Package


$12 Per Class