Pediatric Physical therapy

help your child move and play!

we are movement experts

We know you want the best for your children and we will settle for nothing less. We are here to help your child move, play, and be a kid. As physical therapists we are your movement experts. We will access your child’s movement patterns and help them become stronger and more efficient. Our therapists have learned cutting-edge and up-to-date treatment interventions for your child. Not sure if your child is on track with their skills?

Our pediatric physical therapist’s can help your little reach their developmental milestones. Areas of treat include but are not limited to addressing toe walking, determining need for helmet and help treating plagiocephaly (flat spots on head), torticollis (tight neck muscles, preference for looking on direction), providing bodywork pre/post release of tethered oral tissues, scoliosis, chronic pain, cystic fibrosis, developmental delay, and orthopedic injury. Does our little need a jump start? Call us today for a free screening.

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