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5 Ways a Pediatric Dietitian Optimizes Your Family’s Nutrition

Are you burned out trying to figure out WHAT and HOW to feed your children? First, you have to figure out the whole breast and bottle thing. Then they turn 1 and are magically supposed to eat normal food just like us. And then somehow, you’re expected to plan and provide 3 nutritious meals plus snacks every day until they are 18?! How can something so ordinary be so overwhelming!

You are not alone in this frustration! But instead of searching for “nutrition tips” on Google, you should search for a “Pediatric Dietitian.”

A Pediatric Dietitian has special training in all things nutrition, feeding, and growth related for children 0-18 years. Let Compleo help guide you and your family down the path to less mealtime stress!

Lucky for you, here at Compleo Kids we have our very own Pediatric Dietitian who is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, (click here for breastfeeding support) ready to help you and your family feed with confidence! Here are just a few of the ways our dietitian can help you:

  1. Weight Gain: If your pediatrician has told you that your child is under or overweight, a dietitian can help you understand this better. A Pediatric Dietitian will do a full assessment of feeding patterns, growth history, and read available lab work. With this information, a Pediatric Dietitian can provide you with insight as to what is impacting the weight issues, and work with you to devise a plan to keep your child growing appropriately.
  2. Starting Solids: Introducing something new to your baby can feel scary! A Pediatric Dietitian can help you spot signs of readiness, decipher between different feeding methods, and recommend foods to help meet your baby’s unique nutrient needs for growth.
  3. Picky Eating: There is nothing worse than a tantrum at the dinner table! Sometimes picky eating is a normal part of development, and sometimes it can be more extreme. Either way, a Pediatric Dietitian can monitor your child’s growth, identify key nutrients that may need to be supplemented, and help you with strategies to use with your child to make mealtimes easier.
  4. Type 1 Diabetes: Did you know children with Type 1 Diabetes can still eat the same foods their peers are eating? It’s true, but it can also be tricky! A Pediatric Dietitian can help you learn to balance your child’s blood sugars while still allowing them to eat the foods they enjoy!
  5. Special Health Concerns: Not every kid fits into the same nutrition box! If your child has special healthcare needs from tube feeding, developmental disabilities, food allergies, and other specific health conditions a Pediatric Dietitian can help you navigate nutrition in your child’s own unique box!

Feeling overwhelmed about feeding and growing your child? Contact us at 254-892-4957 or visit to set up a discovery call with our pediatric dietitians today! Not close to Waco? If you are located anywhere in the state of Texas, let us help you over telehealth!

Pediatric Nutrition

We help you develop pediatric nutrition plans to meet goals emphasizing practical application for individuals and families. Through accountability and monitoring, our dietitians and nutritionists will ensure interventions are being followed and are producing desired outcomes.

Our pediatric nutrition specialties include infant feeding difficulties and intolerances, prematurity, baby-led weaning, growth management, picky eating, diabetes, and tube feeding. Set up your free consultation today!

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