Swiss Ball: Versatile Fitness Equipment for Core Workouts

Home Workout Series – Swiss Ball

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Hey all! This week I have put together a workout using a Swiss Ball (sometimes called a stability ball). Swiss Balls are great because they require increased core recruitment to stabilize the ball as you workout. They are pretty easy to find in stores or online and cost between $20-$40. They serve as a great workout tool and are also a great substitution for a typical desk chair and can help improve strength and posture.

Swiss Balls come in different sizes, and I think the most universal size for an average height person is a 55cm diameter ball. You should be able to find the size listed easily when buying. You will also need a pump to blow up the ball, so check and see if your ball comes with one (most do).

Follow along for a great workout!

How to use Swiss Ball for workout

Warm up:

5 minute walk, jog, or jump rope.

Main set:

Try completing 10 reps of each exercise (10 each side for the leg raises). Complete 3 rounds. Some of these are very challenging, take your time and stay safe!

Plank Curl Ups

Starting in a high plank position with your shins on the ball, find your balance and keep your abs engaged. Slowly bend your knees and roll the ball in toward your belly, and then back out.

Push Ups

Starting with high plank with your shins on the ball, keep your core engaged and find your balance. Perform a pushup to the depth that you can control. If you have trouble with pushups, you can just hold a plank in this position for 1 minute.

Bridge with Hamstring Curl

Laying on your back with your calves resting on the ball, tighten your abs and buttocks and lift your hips off the floor without losing your balance. Then, bend your knees and pull the ball toward your buttocks, and the roll back out. Return your hips to the ground.


With your back supported on the ball and hands supporting your neck, perform a crunch on the ball.

Sidelying Hip Abduction

Laying on your side with the ball under your trunk, find your balance. You can use your hand closest to the floor to help support you. Slowly raise your top leg keeping it straight, and then lower back down.


CHALLENGE ALERT! This is a small movement but it is very hard. Get into a plank on elbows position with elbows on the ball. Keep your abs engaged and find your balance. Try to keep your body still and roll the ball forward a few inches, and then backward a few inches like you are “sawing the ball”. To modify, just do a normal plank on elbows for 1 minute.

Cool Down:

5 minute walk or 5 minutes of your favorite stretches.

Great job! This workout was pretty heavy on abs, so don’t be surprised if you’re sore tomorrow or the next day!

Thank you all for following our at home workout series! We know these times are confusing and hard, so we hope this gives you ideas to keep up your physical activity to keep you feeling healthy and happy!

If pain or discomfort is sneaking into your workout, schedule a free discovery visit with Dr. Maggie Roeger.

If you are pain free and need accountability, more ideas, and help leveling up, schedule a visit with our personal trainer, Michelle Williams today!

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