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Home Workout Series – Mat Work

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Welcome back! This week’s exercise program is inspired by our Health Profession Intern, Ashleigh. She enjoys doing these exercises at home, and the best part is that no equipment is required! All of these exercises can be easily modified to fit your fitness level. Check each exercise for a description of one way to make the exercise easier or harder.

How to use Yoga Mat for workout

Warm up:

Sun Salutation – this is a version of a yoga progression that does a great job of warming your body up with dynamic movements and stretches. There are different variations of this, so if you already know your favorite way to perform a sun salutation, please do! Follow the arrows through steps 1-8. Repeat 10 times. (Modifications will be in parentheses.)

Start with your arms overhead and slowly reach down toward the ground (bend your knees if you need to). When your hands get to the ground, walk them out in front of you into a high plank position (modify by getting into a plank on knees instead of toes). Bend your elbows and lower your hips to the floor, and then push your chest forward until your elbows are straight.
Look up to the ceiling and feel a nice stretch through the front of your hips and abdomen. Next, send your buttocks backward and shift your weight onto both feet so you are in a downward dog position like in step 6 (bend knees if needed). Slowly walk your hands back to your feet, and then slowly stand up and bring your arms overhead. Repeat!

Main set:

Perform 10-15 repetitions of each exercise. If an exercise has alternating movements, perform 20 repetitions (10 on each side). Repeat the circuit 3 times through. (Modifications can be found in parentheses).

Singe Leg Drop

Lay on your back with both legs straight and up toward the ceiling. Tighten your abdomen, and alternate slowly lowering one leg at a time. Only lower your leg as far as you can keep your back on the ground. If it arches up off the ground you have gone too far. (You could modify this by slightly bending both knees).

Side Lying Leg Raise

Lying on one side, with your top knee crossed over the bottom, slowly lift the bottom leg to the ceiling keeping it straight. (Modify slightly bending the knee of your bottom leg, or by putting the top leg behind the bottom. The main goal is to get the top leg out of the way of the bottom so you can lift it).

Eagle Crunch

Lying on your back, cross your ankles and your forearms. (Leave out the crossing if it bothers you). Using your abdominal muscles perform a crunch so your feet and shoulders come off the ground. Your elbows and knees should meet together. (Perform a normal sit up/crunch if this is too challenging).

Prayer Pulses

Sit up as straight as possible with your legs crossed. Put your arms in a “prayer” position in front of you with your elbows, forearms, and hands touching. Keeping these points touching, raise your arms about 5 inches. (To modify, separate your arms slightly, but keep them as close together as possible).

Half Releve Squat Bear Crawl

Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width apart. Lift your heel on one foot. Squat toward the ground and back up while you keep one heel lifted. Repeat. (Modify by only lifting the heel when you squat down, and the place it on the floor before returning to standing).

Mini Bear Crawl

This is hard! First, get on all fours. Then, slightly lift the knees so they hover above the ground. From this position, move the opposite arm and leg a few inches forward like you are crawling, and then return to the starting position. Don’t let your knees touch the ground. Alternate sides. (Modify by letting your knees rest on the ground between movements or throughout the entire movement).

Cool Down:

5 minute walk

Great job! Hopefully you were able to explore some of the modifications to find what works best for you.

If pain or discomfort is sneaking into your workout, schedule a free discovery visit with our orthopedic specialist, Dr. Maggie Roeger.

If you are pain free and need accountability, more ideas, and help leveling up, schedule an appointment with our personal trainer Michelle Williams today!


Check back next week for a new workout using a Swiss Ball!


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