Home Workout Series – BOSU: Advanced

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Part 2: BOSU Workout – Advanced

Welcome to week 2 of our home workout series! This workout uses the same BOSU from last week and includes more challenging moves that require greater control, strength, and focus. Please make sure your form and focus are consistent throughout the workout to prevent injury– take breaks if you need to!

Warm Up:

Perform each activity for 2 minutes (the first exercise you will do 1 minute on each leg). Try to move quickly but stay in control. The goal of the warm up is to get your heart rate up and blood flowing!

Forward Knee Drives

Start with one foot on the BOSU. Drive your opposite knee up toward the sky and come back down to the starting position. You can do this slowly, or for a greater challenge make this a faster hopping motion on the BOSU.

Hop on – Hop off

Hop forward onto the BOSU, and then off of the BOSU. Turn around, repeat. You can challenge yourself by adding hops sideways onto the BOSU as well, just move slowly until you get the hang of it.

Main Set:

Perform 15-20 repetitions of the following exercises, and repeat the circuit 3 times through. Beware, some of these exercises look easy, but are very challenging.

Squats (flat side up)

With the flat side of the BOSU up, carefully step on and stand with your feet as wide as possible. We placed a yoga block under one side of the BOSU so it did not rock when stepping on, and then carefully reached down & scooted it away. Perform squats slowly while maintaining your balance.

Lunge with Twist

Lunge forward onto the BOSU with one foot. Holding the lunge position, rotate your trunk across your forward leg and then rotate back to facing forward. Step back to standing position. Repeat.

Push Up

Get into a pushup position (knees or toes) with the flat side of the BOSU up. Perform pushups while trying to keep the BOSU steady. Keep your core engaged!


Sitting on the BOSU, start with your knees in toward your chest. Slowly lean back and move your knees away from your chest without putting your feet on the floor. Return to the starting position.

Burpee 🙂

Start with the BOSU overhead, bring it down to the floor, hop your feet back, hop them froward, stand up and press the BOSU overhead. Repeat & enjoy the burn.

Cool down:

5 min walk

Great job!

If pain or discomfort is sneaking into your work out, schedule a free discovery visit with Dr. Maggie Roeger, our orthopedic specialist.

If you are pain free and need accountability, more ideas, and help leveling up, schedule a visit with our personal trainer, Michelle Williams today!

Check back next week for a body weight workout inspired by our Baylor Health Professions Intern, Ashleigh (also our very helpful fitness model for these posts)!

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