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Physical movement is critical to health and wellness. Our fitness programs are a fun way to get moving and refresh! Classes are open to all levels of fitness and kept small in order to allow for individual attention and to ensure movements are performed correctly. 

All too often the “weekend warrior” decides to go from zero to 100 which results in injury with unmonitored activity. We become inactive for many reasons: injury, work, family, pregnancy, or just life in general. No matter the reason, our physical therapist supervised programs can help you effectively work out to get the results you deserve.

At Compleo we offer personal training for individualized guidance and private Pilates reformer sessions. We can help you tailor the perfect plan. Our individualized programs allow for the boutique fitness feel but with a variety that can’t be beat. 

To make progress it’s important to challenge your body in a variety of movement patterns in a healthy and safe way. Whether you are a novice, chronic pain patient, or athlete, we strive to offer multi-level courses and modifications to match your fitness level. 

Why are we different?

Here are a few things that set Compleo apart from big box fitness facilities:

1. You can use your class package for the whole family!

2. A physical therapist oversaw the development of our programs to ensure your safety.

3. Our instructors are all CPR certified and have additional certifications in their area of expertise. Certifications of our instructors include: Personal Training, Mat Pilates, Yoga, and Degrees in Human Development. Our team can’t be beat!

4. Variety, it’s what our bodies need! Did you know that if you perform the same type of workout daily your body will begin to burn less calories? We have to constantly challenge our bodies physical and mentally.

5. Boutique Environment: With one-on-one training, we can personalize your fitness program to meet your goals. No big box gym feel here.

6. Ever buy a monthly membership in a moment of motivation then life happens and you only make it twice a month (hello 50 dollars a class?) We have a fix for that! You can choose our class fitness packages. If you are using one class to complement your fitness routine or have an unpredictable work schedule; we have an affordable class pack options that do not expire. Every dollar goes towards you!

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