Scoliosis FAQs

During scoliosis physical therapy, you will be seen by a certified scoliosis therapist who has spent time learning and educating themselves about the best and most effective treatment for scoliosis. By seeing a certified therapist, you will be receiving the most up to date treatment including how to complete 3-D postural corrections, reduce progression, improve respiratory function, and prevent need for surgery. The exercises are different from traditional strengthening exercises and are individualized to your unique curve type.

We focus on the 3 Ps: posture improvement, minimizing progression of curve, and pain improvement!

Duration of scoliosis physical therapy will depend on current symptoms including pain, learning style, age and goals for therapy. We usually recommend about 20 hours of treatment spread over a 6 month period. During your first session, your certified scoliosis therapist will be able to assess and then recommend how many sessions will be needed.

One of the goals of scoliosis physical therapy will be to stop further progression of curvature no matter the age of the client. Depending on age and amount of growth left, scoliosis therapy has been shown to correct and reduce spine curvature.

There are no known risks to our scoliosis therapy.

Yes, we work with your team to determine the best treatment plan for the client. A recent study shows bracing and scoliosis specific exercises combined is more effective than bracing alone or exercises alone.

Scoliosis specific exercises address your specific curve

We will work with you to determine the best postural changes, activity modifications, ergonomic changes, and sleeping positions to complement scoliosis therapy.

We have patients from all major insurances. Insurance is complicated and this answer will vary for each client. We recommend a meet and greet to learn about your individualized needs and recommendations and that will dictate cost/coverage.