Pediatric Physical Therapy FAQs

Early Intervention has numerous benefits! Pediatric Physical Therapy can help ensure optimal and symmetrical development of muscles and prevent future injuries or coordination difficulties. Pediatric Physical Therapy helps children play and move and reach their optimal potential. For children with mobility impairments we can help navigate the best equipment needs for your child.

No, we can do a free screen or evaluation without a referral. Once treatment is initiated, if extended services are indicated we will work with you to obtain the necessary physician referrals.

We have patients from all major insurances. Insurance is complicated and this answer will vary for each client. We recommend a meet and greet to learn about your individualized needs and recommendations and that will dictate cost/coverage.

It is always a good idea to prepare children for a new experience. You can let them know they are going to a fun appointment where there will be toys and games and a new therapist who will help them feel and move better!

This is patient and diagnosis specific. Physical therapy can help prevent surgery, or if surgery continues to be indicated it can help ensure optimal outcomes and faster recovery after surgery.

If your therapist is well trained, there are not a lot of risks to physical therapy. There may be muscle soreness or some mild redness in areas of focus that should improve within 24-48 hours after the session.