Nutrition & Pediatric-Dietitian FAQs

Our Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists can help you if you are looking to form a healthier relationship with food, optimize your nutrition for sports performance, managing PCOS, nutrition for fertility, and traditional medical nutrition such as diabetes, celiacs, fatty liver and other medical nutrition needs. Whether you are looking to better understand what you are consuming and how much to consume or have a more complicated medical need, we have multiple dietitians with varying specialities here to help.

The consultation is an hour in order for the nutritionist/dietitian to take an in depth history, look with you at your current eating patterns, learn your personalized goals and create a plan for you to achieve them.

We have patients from all major insurances. Insurance can be complicated and there is no one size fits all answer. We are happy to discuss your individual situation with you.

Yes, a nutritionist can help you lose weight but we also focus on healthy relationships with food, looking for underlying causes of weight gain, and creating healthy goals that are not strictly weight focused. We follow the principles of intuitive eating.

All registered dietitians are nutritionists but not all nutritionists are registered dietitians. We recommended you look for a registered dietitian because that ensures they are licensed and have at least a masters degree and excellent understanding of your nutritional needs. Interview dietitians to see if they have experience with your specific area of need.

Yes, our registered dietitians are trained to help you navigate allergies and sensitivities and help you to find a plan that will give you all your necessary nutrients while helping you to avoid triggering foods and still feel your best.

Our registered dietitians are trained in medical nutrition and are able to work with you and your medical team when specific medical conditions are present.

There are many nutritionists who help with meal planning and preparation. At Compleo, we do not specialize in this area of need and instead teach the client how to confidently make meal decisions independently as life often puts us at restaurants/time constraints that don’t allow following the predetermined meal plan.