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Limit to 10 families, please RSVP at or (254)892-4957. Steve Howen from Law Offices of Steve Howen and Your Family Lifeguard will be presenting on how to properly set up trusts and wills and the important differences if you have a child with special needs. Kelsey Baas, Pediatric Physical Therapy will be leading adaptive exercise as a childcare option (siblings welcome). Cost is FREE.

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At Compleo we serve families and children of all abilities. We want to link your family and child with others on a similar journey and to needed services.

Sign Up and Questions: Contact  Kelsey Baas at (254) 892-4957 or

Each week the children will participate in a different type of exercise organized and supervised by Kelsey Baas, pediatric physical therapist. The parents are invited to engage in the below educational sessions. This 6 Week Multi-Disciplinary Program combines a fun way to encourage movement for your child while you dive deeper into the following topics: