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10 Signs You May Have Hypermobility and How a Physical Therapist Can Help

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What do Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Grace (Ellen Show Super Star), and Abraham Lincoln all have in common? They all have (or were suspected to have) hypermobility! I have a weird knack for recognizing hyperextended elbows and knees in pictures and airports. My husband thinks I am crazy because people watching in an airport involves me analyzing how people stand, walk, …

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Scoliosis: What to look for in your child

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Most schools perform a screen for scoliosis and kyphosis in 5th/8th or 6th/9th grade, but what about the 3 years in between? The best chances at improving your scoliosis are with bracing and the Schroth method before growth maturation. To ensure early detection you should keep an eye on your child on the years between screens. Here are some signs …