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5 Ways to Spot a Fad Diet

A “fad diet” can be defined as “a trendy weight-loss plan that promises dramatic results”. These diets may be effective short term, causing weight loss or improved targeted symptoms. This makes fad diets incredibly appealing for those desiring weight loss or relief from uncomfortable symptoms like digestive issues.    However, they are not evidence-based, relying on theory or single studies/testimonials

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Why Dieting is Not a Long-Term Solution for Better Health

“Dieting” is often understood to mean a period when someone intentionally alters their food intake with the goal of weight loss. There is often a start and an end date, a rigid list of rules, and frequent self-monitored weight checks. The problem with dieting is that there are so many plans out there that promise the same thing through different

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Is Snacking Okay?

It is accepted as normal that children benefit from the inclusion of snacks in their daily lives. But when it comes to an adult’s snacking habits, people tend to be a bit more doubtful.  Adequacy is the foundation of any healthy diet. And snacking is a great tool to ensure that you are meeting your energy needs adequately. Regular, planned

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Baby-Led Weaning vs Spoon Feeding

Baby-led weaning is a trending topic for new moms. But what is it? Is it safe? How is it different from traditional spoon-feeding?  Baby-Led Weaning vs Spoon Feeding Baby-led weaning is the process of introducing food to a baby in a way that is different from traditional spoon-feeding. Neither option is “right” or “wrong” and both can be done in

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Nutritional Variety

Variety is an important pillar of nutrition, along with adequacy and balance. Variety can be defined as “The state of being different or diverse, the absence of uniformity or sameness”. -Oxford Languages  This concept is beneficial to apply in nutrition because there is such a large quantity of nutrients and food components that are essential and beneficial to our health.

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Lunchbox Lessons for Kids

Did you know the average adolescent consumes too much sugar, saturated fat, and sodium? Many children do not eat enough fruits, vegetables, or whole grains. This is why we are seeing pediatric obesity on the rise. Parents/caregivers are the first line of defense in creating healthy food habits. There are three pillars of healthy eating we like to follow. They

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Pediatric Physical Therapy

A Guide to Your Baby’s First-Year Developmental Milestones

Baby’s First-Year Developmental Milestones The first year of a baby’s life is a time of rapid growth and development. As a parent, it is essential to monitor your baby’s milestones and ensure that they are reaching them on time. Let’s discuss the milestones for a baby’s first year, and what to look for in each phase. Birth-3 Months During the

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Healthy Choices at Restaurants

Everyone’s specific nutritional needs are different, but all follow the general pattern of adequacy, balance, and variety. This is how I define “healthy choices” and “healthy diet”- by ensuring the diet provides adequate calories, is balanced among the food groups, and incorporates a wide variety of foods. This is the easiest way to ensure all nutrient needs are being met

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