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FAQ: Understanding Your Insurance Benefits

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Why are you not in-network with my insurance? At Compleo, our mission is to provide the best possible care to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. When we are not in-network with insurance, we can make decisions based on what YOU need instead of a third party’s non-medical opinion. Examples include: Insurance often dictates the number of …

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Helping Children Cope with Stress After Mass Violence

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Mass violence incidents, where several people are injured and killed, affect everyone in the community. Coping with mass violence can be very stressful. You or your friends might have been physically injured; you may have been worried about the safety of family and friends or lost a loved one. You may have been interviewed by the police. It can be …

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Finding your Team

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Let Compleo Support You Motherhood is one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys life has to offer. While the gift of becoming a mother is full of joyful moments, every mom experiences their fair share of challenges alongside the victories. The not-so-glamorous moments stacked up against our perfectly instagrammable ideals of parenting are enough to make anybody question themselves. …