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Family Halloween Workout

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The holiday season has arrived! Get moving with Compleo’s family friendly Halloween workout. Halloween costumes are encouraged! Warm up: Game of Tag Everybody loves a good game of tag! Tag one family member as “it” and chase each other around for 5 minutes. Extra points to those who adopt a little extra Halloween spirit with scary noises or zombie walk! …

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The Beauty of Boredom

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How shelter in place may help our children find their creativity again In the past week, my usually sunny attitude and optimism started to wane. As the fallout from the COVID-19 crisis continues to escalate, I am finding it more and more difficult to remain patient. Like so many Americans, I am ready to go back to the job I …

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Tips & Tricks to Make Tummy Time a Success

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Did you know that babies are not spending enough time on their stomachs? This is contributing to a rise in delay in mobility, plagiocephaly (change in head shape), and torticollis (preference to tilt head and look to only one side), and can affect both gross motor and fine motor development. While we recommend sleeping flat on the back in a …

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How the Schroth Method Helps Kids with Scoliosis

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Most schools perform a screen for scoliosis and kyphosis in 5th/8th or 6th/9th grade, but what about the 3 years in between? The best chances at improving your scoliosis are with bracing and the Schroth method before growth maturation. To ensure early detection you should keep an eye on your child on the years between screens. Here are some signs …