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5 Different Ways to Stretch Your Hamstrings

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Hamstring tightness is EXTREMELY common. Having tight hamstrings not only limits your range of motion, but can also be a culprit in recurrent back pain. Finding a good way to stretch your hamstrings is actually easier than you think, and it is something you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Check out these 5 stretches and see what works for you!

5 stretches for Hamstrings

1. Chair Hamstring Stretch – convenient stretch if you spend a lot of time sitting for work or school!

2. Sitting Hamstring Stretch – get down on the ground or your bed and get to stretching!

3. Standing Heel Prop Stretch – the most portable stretch…do it anywhere!

4. Supine Hamstring Stretch – the easy in bed stretch.

5. Doorway Hamstring Stretch – let the door frame do the work for you.

General rules for hamstring stretching:

  1. The stretch should be felt in the back of your thigh, sometimes in the back of the knee. You might also feel a stretch in your calf in some positions.
  2. The low back should not be flexed (bent forward). If you are trying to perform a hamstring stretch but cannot keep your back straight, try moving to a different position (lying on back is best to prevent this).
  3. You knee should be straight (or nearly straight) to properly stretch the hamstring. If you cannot keep your knee straight, loosen up on the stretch.
  4. Hold times for this stretch should be around 30sec-1min repetitions. I usually recommended performing 3 reps on each side. The stretch intensity should be a 5-6 out of 10 (meaning uncomfortable and intense, but not intolerable).

If you are having recurrent hamstring pain, low back/hip pain, or significant stiffness, call Compleo to set up a Discovery Visit and see if physical therapy is right for you!

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