Working together to help you feel better.
Compleo's experts are dedicated to designing a plan around making you feel the best version of yourself.
Working together to help you feel better.
Compleo's experts are dedicated to designing a plan around making you feel the best version of yourself.
Keeping You Healthy, Happy and Pain-Free.
I can’t say enough great things about Compleo! Everyone here is great. When I was first called I let the woman know just how nervous I was to have to do pelvic floor therapy. She was so sweet and reassuring so I really did feel better and more open minded going into it. Sarah is amazing! I actually looked forward to my appointments with her because she was so sweet and down to earth. She made me feel heard and so comfortable with the whole process. I highly recommend Compleo!
Katherine Marshall
17:11 27 Jun 24
Danny and I really enjoyed meeting with Kay. She was a big help in helping us plan a better diet plan. Kay is very knowledgeable and courteous. We both appreciate her working with us. Thank you Kay.
Wanda Blair
01:30 20 Jun 24
I am 5 days postpartum & had my first home visit with Lactation Consultant Lauren Sams. I already knew I was going to be in good hands after my initial consultation with her before baby arrived, but I had no IDEA what a HUGE difference it was going to make! The tools, guidance, support, encouragement that she has already given me has been priceless. After a disappointing failed attempt at breast feeding my first child, it was extremely important to me to I try again with my 2nd, and have it be successful. Again, 5 days postpartum, I can’t tell you what a world of a difference this experience with feeding my baby has already been. Do yourself a favor, Mamas, & use Lauren for any of your lactation consultant needs. You will not be sorry!!!! 🙂
Stephanie Tate
19:55 05 Jun 24
Very professional with a caring attitude. My husband who is 81 was treated carefully with a firm hand but no pain. He left feeling hopeful and looking forward to a continuation of the therapy.
Sharon Kelley
21:35 03 Jun 24
I have been to Compleo multiple times recently and they are such an amazing team! The staff are knowledgeable, creating a warm and supportive environment for parents and babies. The facility is clean and baby-friendly, making it a comfortable space for learning. When I found out I was having a baby, my husband and I attended the CPR/car seat safety classes and the baby feeding basics class. Both classes were informative and helped us feel prepared for what was to come. I have also attended new mom social hour, had my car seat installed by Kendra, who is a Child Passenger Safety Technician, had Lauren come to my house for lactation support after my baby arrived and have also been to infant massage classes. Kelsey is super helpful and always willing to provide information on the benefits of PT for a newborn and is also a wealth of knowledge about community resources outside of her business. Overall, Compleo is a valuable resource for anyone seeking guidance and community.
Claire Strickland Lawrence
23:31 17 Feb 24
My experience with Compleo from first contact to my last appointment was exceptional. I had been dealing with plantar fasciitis for some time and Thomas, DPT was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in getting me back on my feet (no pun intended).The whole staff is very responsive, professional and diligent in working with you as a patient. You will not regret checking out Compleo for your therapy needs.
Meredith Dupree
23:28 17 Feb 24
Can’t recommend Compleo enough! Started with doula Stephanie- revdoula, continued amazing lactation support from Laura and currently working with the greatest, nicest, caring Pelvic Floor therapist, Sarah. And a future patient of dietician.. they’re always there when/ what ever you need. All staff are so caring, friendly, nice and kind. I love the team and energy!
Nonpathogenic B
05:30 11 Feb 24
Lauren Sams is amazing! She really cares about her job and it shows. She has been amazing for helping me latch my son after he turned 3 weeks old.
Megan Adcock
21:05 30 Jan 24
Lauren was great to work with! We took her lactation and feeding group class prior to delivery. After delivery, we did an in home lactation visit which was super convenient with a newborn. Both visits were very informative and helpful to my husband and I. Lauren was able to help answer any questions and concerns we had.
01:11 12 Dec 23
Kay (and the rest of the staff that I met) is absolutely wonderful. She is so sweet and caring and she made me feel so comfortable. After just my first session I left with a wealth of knowledge and a much more positive outlook.Other nutritionists in the past have told my to do XYZ, even if it didn’t work for me and left me feeling confused. Kay included me in figuring out a good plan tailored to me and explained everything thouroughly. I finally feel like I can be successful with an healthy eating plan and with only a few tweaks.
lynnea Meddaugh
12:01 27 Oct 23
Kay is so wonderful, kind, patient, passionate, and knowledgable. Definitely always enjoy my sessions and feel like I am truly gaining the information that I need to succeed from her.The other staff that I have encountered is always just as amazing! Love that I can also text when needed. 🙂 Keep it up folks!!
Caitlin Fortney
18:49 24 Aug 23
The team at compleo was incredible!! Patience for my situation and proactive. Kay was amazing as well, took the time to explain my options and was so friendly. I will definitely be going back!!
Lindsay Warren
21:19 17 Aug 23
Lauren was absolutely wonderful!She made sure to go over all of my concerns and questions regarding lactation. I left feeling confident well informed!
Megan Spencer
22:57 03 Jul 23
Lauren is AMAZING!! She is super knowledgeable and has helped us so much. I felt extremely comfortable with her the whole time. My boy and I are so thankful for her help and the resources she’s given us.
kayla hardin
00:13 14 Jun 23
Kay Williams is the best dietician I have ever seen in my life. She is just overall a wonderful and lovely person and has helped me so much when it comes to making lifestyle changes that I never thought were possible. I highly recommend her and Compleo to everyone I meet.
Haley Jo Gomez
13:12 09 Jun 23
I had a wonderful experience. Kay is so knowledgeable and encouraging. Everyone there are so welcoming. Would highly recommend this facility.
Teresa Miller
19:23 25 May 23
I truly don’t know how I haven’t written a review sooner, as I’m pretty sure we’ve seen about 95% of the providers Compleo has to offer. Every single one has gone above and beyond for different parts of our family. They all take the time to answer any questions, pay so much attention to detail and provide a personal, welcoming experience. The office staff is on the ball and always so friendly. We are so grateful for the care that we have received and highly recommend Kelsey and her team!
Ashton Wyatt
11:11 11 May 23
Everyone was very friendly and we received solid advice for moving forward with a realistic dietary plan to address my son’s health needs. As a teen, he expressed that he felt very comfortable and engaged in the process.
lee ann
19:46 03 May 23
Courteous and caring professionals took care of my needs. The therapist was knowledgable and accurately accessed my abilities as he provided ways to encourage my spirit and increase my physical strength. Very satisfied!
Deeanne Litton
18:34 10 Apr 23
Lauren helped me through her Lactation Consulting services. She was so sweet, knowledgeable, and professional! I really feel like I got the help and support I was looking for. 10/10 recommend!
Laney Fowler
00:07 07 Feb 23
I reached out to Courtney A. At a very low point in my life. I was dealing with digestive issues my whole life, but after the birth of my son, I had hormonal, sleep, and body image problems that was causing me deep pain. Courtney showed me a new way to look at my relationship with food, and has given me hope to heal for the first time in a very long time. She was extremely attentive to me, and her compassion is radiating. We need more people like Courtney!!
Bonnie Finch
01:45 22 Nov 22
Kendra G. and Lauren S. have been AMAZING in helping us with our carseat and with breast feeding. Thank you to Compleo for helping us transition home safely and stress free!
Sarah DuPuy
20:34 14 Nov 22
This place has been amazing. They offer a wide range of therapy, from physical to psychological. Grant is an amazing counselor and has helped me get through some really tough times. What’s great about them is that they are 100% local.
Reed Davidson
14:46 06 Nov 22
We love Compleo! We have worked with Lauren for a few months on breastfeeding related issues with my son. If it weren’t for her, I could have never kept breastfeeding and my son’s tongue tie would stay undetected. He’s now almost 9 months old and is still exclusively breastfed (in addition to eating solids for the past ~3months).
Merve Balkaya-Ince
18:05 10 Oct 22
Dr. Aubrey Smith is awesome! She is kind, cheerful and extremely knowledgeable. She made me comfortable right away, and She took the time to explain everything so I could be educated about my concerns. I highly recommend her!! The office is clean and the staff were very polite, helpful and welcoming!
Katie Barnum
01:57 26 Jul 22
I have been so blessed to have found Compleo! Amazing staff who are so knowledgeable and understanding. Best physio in town!
Peter Campbell
02:26 05 Apr 22
Today was my first appointment with PT Thomas Anderson. I have been to many therapists over my 70 years and I must say, if first impressions and results are any test, he’s the BEST YET!!
Michael Lane
21:16 04 Apr 22
Lauren was so great! She was incredibly informative, genuine and caring. Her passion for her profession and patients was extremely apparent in my visit!
Bonnie Bauer
23:45 24 Mar 22
I came to Compleo for lactation consultant services. I was not able to establish breastfeeding with my oldest child so when I was pregnant again I knew I wanted to seek out a lactation consultant as soon as possible. Lauren met with me near the end of my pregnancy and answered all my questions and helped me come up with a game plan for while I was still in the hospital to help get breastfeeding establish right away. As soon as we were discharged from the hospital Lauren came to our house and did home visits for the first few weeks. Despite all of Lauren’s help my baby was still failing to gain sufficient weight and I needed to begin supplementing with formula. Lauren educated me on the different types of formula and helped me choose what was best for my baby. She helped me feel confident with supplementing while still working to find the root of the issue that was causing the lack of weight gain. Lauren suspected my baby may have some oral ties that were causing poor milk transfer so she referred me to an SLP for evaluation and it turns out my baby did have a lip and tongue tie. Thanks to Lauren’s attention to detail and her referral to the SLP we were able to get the ties released and breastfeeding greatly improved. Lauren’s passion for helping moms feed their babies in whatever way works best for them shines through in every session. She is thoughtful, thorough, knowledgeable, and caring. I can honestly say without Lauren I would not have been able to breastfeed this baby either. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is the best!
19:58 03 Mar 22
Paige was amazing! She took the time to really explain to all of us exactly what was being worked on and why. Super knowledgeable and patient with parents that have lots of questions.
Janna Brown
01:33 08 Feb 22
I cannot say enough great things about Kelsey. She worked with my 10 month old son who was having mobility issues. As a nervous first time mom, Kelsey met us and evaluated him and put my mind at ease about what was going on with him. He made tremendous improvements after just one session. We are so thankful for her!
Julie Lombardi
20:05 05 Nov 18
Kelsey is great – she has really helped me with my upper back pain!
Kaitlyn Skinner
00:26 02 Apr 18
TL;DR: Bro science = stupid and wrong, Amber = smart and right. Go see Amber at Compleo if you are serious about fitness and healthy eating. Also, Kelsey will show you where your own body is holding you back on lifts and teach you how to strengthen and correct. You won’t believe it but it works. Long version: I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on fitness and nutrition; and was super skeptical of Amber–I mean, we all eat clean right?. I was especially disappointed when she told me I need to dial back my protein consumption and eat more fruits/veggies instead. I had been following the old rule of 1g protein/ 1 lb bodyweight. I decided I would execute per Amber’s instructions for 1 month and give it a try. Well, it has been a month and I got my Bod Pod results back… according to science, I gained muscle and lost fat compared to pre-Amber consultation. My workout has not changed. She was proven correct. Go. See. Amber.
Willem Baas
16:46 14 Feb 18
I learned alot from Kelsey, she was very professional and she provided me with the knowledge and tools to get better and prevent pain. She always took the time to address each issue I had and was very diligent. She is great!
Brigette Zink
22:56 18 Jan 18
The staff is so knowledgeable and eager to help. They make their customers feel welcome and comfortable. Compleo is a great resource for those seeking guidance and support in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Rachel Solano
17:59 04 Dec 17
Attended an excellent Tai Chi class here, but there is a lot going on here and the facilities can accommodate all the healthy activities available.
Randy Stevens
08:45 18 Oct 17
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