Class Descriptions

Compleo:MOM+ME is a great way to initiate postpartum exercise while engaging with your new baby. This class will focus on critical developmental activities for baby, while giving mom a safe way to return to fitness. Babies will be out of the stroller for the duration of the class. Class is targeted towards non-walkers.

Wellness starts from a young age. Compleo:Toddler is designed to start teaching healthy and varied movement patterns. Little ones will work on motor planning, progressive weight bearing, and age appropriate strength and coordination.
Center your mind and body in CompleoFLEX. In this class, a fusion of Tai Chi and flexibility movements will improve your balance and range of motion, helping you lead a pain free life.
This class is energizing and will improve cardiovascular fitness! This workout focuses on burning calories through heart rate training. This class incorporates agility movements and cardio conditioning, to work your body to the maximum and boost that metabolism.
This full body toning class utilizes weights, resistance bands, and your own body weight to challenge your muscles and increase strength while toning the entire body. This low impact class protects your joints while still providing a challenging workout.
Compleo:Sculpt focuses on a total body workout using Pilates exercises, light weights and bands. We have a sculpt option that is a barre format (Sundays) and a traditional mat Pilates Format (Wednesdays/Fridays). Pilates helps with postural alignment, strengthening and balancing muscles around the spine, as well as focusing on abdominal and back muscles. You will be sculpting every major muscle group that will give you a strong and contoured body while improving posture, gaining a strengthened core, greater sense of balance and enhanced coordination.


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