**Please Contact compleo@compleowaco.com to schedule your next wellness event or community scoliosis screen**

2018 Reshape Sunday Seminars (15 dollars for non-challenge participants)-We want to help you address your body, mind, and spirit this 2018.

February 11th-Fueling for Fitness: Let our dietitian walk you through the best way to fuel your body pre and post workout. Bring your questions on supplements, protein, and calories. There is a lot of misinformation and you want to make sure your fitness and nutrition routine are working together, not against each other! RSVP Here

February 18th: Put Stress to Work with Dr. Michael Godfrey. Stress doesn’t have to be a negative in your life! Learn how to manage stress and use it as a positive influence. Stress can affect your ability to lose weight, sleep, and engage in family relationships. Let’s learn how to keep stress from affecting our productivity and relationships! RSVP Here


2018 Community Wellness Events-Contact Us for your next Wellness Event for your Business!

January 12th: JRBT Lunch and Learn: Staying Well During Tax Season

January 18th: Eating for the New Year at Insurers of Texas

January 19th: Kappa Alpha Theta-staying healthy in your college transition

2018 Creating Links

Please fill out this survey if you have a member of your family with special needs and are interested in participating in Creating Links this year!

2017 Events: We had a great time kicking off Compleo with you!

Kappa Alpha Theta Alumni: Wine and Workout

Compleo Inaugural Wellness Fair

Compleo Community Scoliosis Screens: St. Pauls Episcopal School, Valor Prep, Live Oak, and Woodway Christian

Creating Links

At Compleo we serve families and children of all abilities. We want to link your family and child with others on a similar journey and to needed services. Each week the children will participate in a different type of exercises organized and supervised by Kelsey Baas, pediatric physical therapist.  The parents are invited to engage in the below educational sessions.  This 6 Week (October 15 to November 19) Multi-Disciplinary Program combines a fun way to encourage movement for your child while as a parent you can dive deeper into topics of interest.

Creating Links Flyer